These are the latest policies that have been reviewed and approved.  Each policy is password protected. The same password for all policies but could be in upper case or lower case.  The date shown is the last review and revision date.
All policies are reviewed annually.
ACH Policy 01.21.2021
ALL (Allowance for Loan Losses) Policy 05.20.2021
Asset and Liability Management Policy 01.21.2021

Bank Bribery Act Policy  02.17.2021

BSA Compliance Policy and Program 12.17.2020
BYLAWS  05.31.17

Capital Improvement Policy 02.17.2021
Charge Off Policy   05.20.21
Concentration Risk Policy 02.17.2021
Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy 02.17.2021
Corporate Credit Card Policy 05.20.21
Cyber Security Risk Assessment Program  05.20.2021
Debit Card Policy 10.29.30   
Disaster Recovery Policy 09.16.21 updated with contact info
Dormant Accounts and Escheat Policy 04.15.2021
Electronic Signature Policy  11.19.2020
Employee Background Check Policy 04.15.2021
Fixed Assets Prepaid Expenditures 09.16.2021
Fraud Policy 04.15.2021
Funds Availability Policy 03.25.2021
Identity Theft - Red Flag Policy and Program 03.25.2021
Information Security and Incident Response  05.28.2020
Internal Control Policy 06.17.2021
Internet Policy 07.23.20
Investments Policy  07.23.20
IT (Information Technology) and Risk Assessment Policy  05.20.21
Life Threatening and Disabling Illness Policy   07.22.21
Liquidity Policy incorporated in ALM policy in 2017
Loan Collection and Loan Modification Policy 06.18.20
Loan Policy, Consumer and Mortgage Loans  07.22.2021
Marketing policy           August 19,2021
Microcomputer Policy 07.23.20
Military Lending Act 11.19.2020
Overdraft and Negative Share Accounts Policy 10.29.2020
Personnel Policy 09.16.2021
Privacy Policy 09.16.2021
Record Retention Policy 09.16.2021
SAFE Act Policy 01.21.2021
Security Policy  August 19,2021
Sexual Harassment policy 10.29.2020
Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act Policy August 19,2021
Succession Plan 10.29.2020
Teller Cash Management Policy  August 19, 2021
Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement11.19.2020
Vendor Management Policy  03.25.2021
Vendor Management PROCEDURES 03.25.2021
Website Policy     12.17.2020
Whistleblower Policy   12.17.2020
Wire Transfer Policy     12.17.2020