OFFICE FORMS for staff only

  • ATM signature
  • ATM disclosure
  • E-Teller Application
  • E-Teller Disclosure
  • Opt In forms for Members 1st to cover transactions that come in NSF
  • Risk Assessment form for when opening a new account or
  • adding a member to an account.
  • Audit Form to audit teller drawer
  • Audit sheet for vault
  • Cash over/short LOG sheet
  • Change of Address Form
  • CU Money Card Info
  • Currency transaction Report
  • Deposit/withdrawal slips
  • Direct Deposit Forms
  • Fee Schedule
  • Large Cash Withdrawal Affidavit
  • Stop payment form
  • $2 Transfer Fee sign up form
  • Facebook Consent Form
  • for picture or name on our Facebook Page.
  • Skip A Payment form
  • Teller over/short directions
  • Timesheet
    -----------------COLLECTION FORMS------------------
    30 day letter
    45 day letter
    60 day letter
    notice of repo (after it's happened)
    notice of sale
  • Travel Notification
  • Affidavit of Fraud for ACH transactions
  • Online banking directions
  • ATM disclosure
  • ATM disclosure
  • ATM disclosure
  • ATM disclosure
  • ATM disclosure
  • ------------------LOANS----------------
  • PRCH Form to change or set up payment distributions.
  • Debit to Credit worksheet
  • Insurance enrollment for VISA
  • Payoff authorization form
  • Loan Payment Authorization Form
  • Line of Credit close out form.
  •   Use this to close out overdraft protection, personal line of credit, home equity and Visa accounts.
  • Repo Bid Sheet
  • - if someone wants to make a bid on any vehicle that is available.
  • Quality Control Checklist
  • Title Release Letter
  • Insurance coverage proof needed - letter