Forms and Applications                   YYY

Loan Application for a vehicle, personal, home improvement, etc. This packet includes authorization forms and other information that you might need for your loan.  Just print it out, fill it out and bring it into the office. OR if you've got the right software you might be able to fill it out online; then print it out and bring it in or fax it to us.        

VISA Credit Card  Application                   
VISA Scorecard rewards program
VISA Automatic Payment authorization
VISA Credit Card limit increase

Line of Credit Limit increase request

Wire out of your account to another financial institution

Wire In notice to Members 1st Credit Union

Loan Payment Authorization Form.  Use this form to tell us how and
when to take your loan or Visa payment

Change of Address Form.     Tell us what your new address is!

We need to keep in touch with you.

E-Teller (online banking) sign up. 

Skip a month payment

Stop Payment form.  Use this to stop a payment made by check,

debit card or automatic clearing house.

Affidavit of fraud for improper use.  An improper use means transactions that were improperly presented against your account that fit the criteria listed on the form.

Affidavit of fraud for unauthorized use.  Any electronic fund transfer initiated by a person who was not authorized or a fund transfer that was for more than the authorized amount.

Travel notification:  let us know when you will be out of the area. 

Want to figure out your Loan Payment

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