E-Statements are E-Z!

Choose electronic statements over traditionally mailed statements.

  It's the Green thing to do.

  • Reduce paper consumption
  • Save energy at the statement printing facility
  • Save gas and vehicle emissions required to deliver paper statements
  • Save our landfills from the disposal of old statements
  • Save trees by reducing paper waste
  • Plus, E-statements protect by keeping your statements out of your mailbox and out of the hands of mailbox thieves.

  • More secure than paper statements
  • Get your statements earlier
  • Reduce filing, save your statements on your PC
  • Enroll today for online banking and start enjoying all the benefits of E-statments: You can self enroll once you're signed up for E-Teller. Just call the credit union at 802.257.5131 or email Gretchen at Members1stgw@yahoo.com if you have any questions at all.