E-Statements are E-Z!

Choose electronic statements over traditionally mailed statements. 

It's the Green thing to do.

  • Reduce paper consumption
  • Save energy at the statement printing facility
  • Save gas and vehicle emissions required to deliver paper statements
  • Save our landfills from the disposal of old statements
  • Save trees by reducing paper waste
  • Plus, E-statements protect by keeping your statements out of your mailbox
    and out of the hands of mailbox thieves.

  • More secure than paper statements
  • Get your statements earlier
  • Reduce filing, save your statements on your PC
  • Enroll today and start enjoying all the benefits of E-statements: signing up is easy. Just select E-statements on your online banking page.  Problems? Call the credit union at 802.257.5131 or email Gretchen

    Don't forget.....Home Banking also allows you to make transfers to your other Members 1st Credit Union accounts.  You can also pay your accounts here.  AND you can access this on your smart phone, your personal computer, your tablet, and even your Kindle or other e-reading devices.